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Govan is well-known as an important shipbuilding district on the southern bank of the River Clyde. However, its history goes back for many centuries and the following articles deal with the district, its history and a number of the places in it.

Elder Park A local park on land given to Govan by Isabella Elder.
history Fourteen centuries of history!
Brechin`s Bar A local pub in a building once associated with the Temperance movement.
British Linen Bank A local bank.
Elder Library The local public library.
Govan Town Hall The former burgh`s headquarters.
Pearce Institute A community hall in the centre of Govan.
shipbuilding and shipping
Govan Graving Docks These were built over one hundred years ago.
Govan shipyard Govan`s only surving shipyard.
Prince`s Dock A once-busy dock which is now used for recreation.
1988 Glasgow Garden Festival The fifth of Glasgow`s great exhibitions.

Govan developed from a quiet community beside the River Clyde into an important shipbuilding centre in a relatively short time. This is the Govan shipyard, the only yard remaining in Govan.

Govan Old Parish Church A late-nineteenth century church with an important collection of hogback stones.
St Anthony`s R.C. Church A Italian-influence church.
statues and monuments
Aitken Memorial Fountain A fountain dedicated to a local doctor.
John Elder statue John Elder was an important shipbuilder.
Isabella Elder statue A well-known philanthropist.
K-13 Memorial A monument dedicated to men who died in a submarine accident.
Sir William Pearce statue William Pearce was an important shipbuilder.

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