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1897-1901, Thomson & Sandilands

Govan Town Hall was built to express the wealth and aspirations of the burgh of Govan which it served. Sandilands was trained in Paris and his elaborate Beaux Arts design celebrates the success of the local shipbuilding industry.

The grand Greek portico over the entrance, the large central dome and the steep-roofed pavilions dominate the Govan Road facade. Above the main entrance is the Govan burgh arms (a ship on the stocks flanked by two shipyard workers) with the motto Nihil sine labore (`Nothing without work`). There are also two roundels and they are of Provost James Kirkwood and Baillie John Marr; a third face, on the northern wall, is of Councillor Richard Russell.

This article is based on the guidebook "The Glasgow Guide".

Govan Town Hall has many grand features, including these carvings.

On the Summertown Road side is an elaborate frieze depicting garlanded children pulling a chariot, above which are engraved the words music and drama. Higher up, two small turrets with decorative urns emphasise the shape of the tower-like structures on either side of the doorway.
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