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The articles listed here give a general introduction to Glasgow and they provide many links to other articles. A complete list of all subjects in the Encyclopaedia can be found by going to Glasgow Encyclopaedia - Index.

History of Glasgow The history and development of the city, from its earliest times to the present.
Architecture of Glasgow The city`s best-known buildings and their architects.
The River Clyde The river on which Glasgow stands.
Shipbuilding The rise and fall of one of the world`s greatest industrial centres.
St Mungo and the Glasgow coat of arms The story of St Mungo, Glasgow`s patron saint.
Universities and colleges Descriptions of the city`s universities and some of its colleges.
Museums, galleries and other places to visit Descriptions of the city`s main visitor attractions.
Parks Descriptions of the city`s main parks and the buildings and monuments in them.
Religious buildings This includes buildings no longer used for religious purposes.