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Brechin`s Bar stands on the south side of Govan Road in the district of Govan. A notice outside it states that it was established in 1798.

The present building was erected in 1894 and boasts a tower in Scots Baronial style. Near the tower`s conical roof is a stone plaque which features a shield with the date 1894, two semi-clad men, a crown and a lion; its motto Sans peur means `Without fear`. High up on the southern side of the building is a stone carving of a cat, immortalising one prolific rat catcher who killed large numbers of rodents which had been brought to Govan on vessels carrying flax for the local weavers.

The first floor contains the Cardell Hall, named after John Cardell who used the hall as a local headquarters for the Rechabites, a charitable organisation which espoused the virtues of temperance. A remarkable change of use for the building!

This article is based on the guidebook "The Glasgow Guide".

Once used as a meeting hall for the Temperence movement, Brechin`s Bar is now one of Govan`s pubs!

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