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(1929-31, A. McNaughton)

This adaptation of the Scots Baronial style was designed for the men`s union which was originally formed in 1885; membership has been mixed for some time. The infamous basement Beer Bar has seen many a raucous scene, especially in the old men-only days. The union has had a long tradition of debating, with the debates run Westminster-style (and very noisy!) and this has given many students so much good practice that they have moved on to the southern chamber to continue the haranguing. The Union debates` `Question Time` has generally been far more entertaining than the Westminster version, and at times exceptionally boisterous.

The union is also well-known for its snooker hall where too many students have spent too much time. Activity of this sort has been frowned on for centuries and an early example was in 1681 when the Town Council decided `to caus remove all bulliart tables neir the colledge, at least to discharge theis who hes them to permitt any studenttis in the colledge to play therat, being the desyre of the maisteris therof`.

This article is based on the guidebook "The Glasgow Guide".

The University Union is situated at the bottom of University Avenue and it was built as a social centre for students.

The union`s doorway, which is dwarfed by the twin drum towers, is decorated with a relief sculpture of St Mungo and badges of the university`s nations. The university`s badge is placed high up on the gable.
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