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Many buildings in the city, especially in the city centre, carry a Glasgow coat of arms and although there are variations in the design, they all incorporate the same important features. These are the city`s motto Let Glasgow flourish, its patron saint St Mungo and four objects associated with his life: a bird, a tree, a bell and a fish.

These articles describe the life of St Mungo and explain the meaning of the emblems which appear on the city`s coat of arms. The articles are illustrated with photographs showing examples of how the coat of arms is used to decorate buildings and other structures around the city.

The five individual articles are listed below.

1 St Mungo`s early life
2 St Mungo in Culross
3 The journey to Glasgow
4 The salmon, the ring and the square bell
5 Glasgow`s motto
Many buildings and sculptures around Glasgow are decorated with the city`s coat of arms or its four emblems associated with St Mungo.
This lampstandard is in the landscaped area in front of Glasgow Cathedral and it features a bird, a tree, a bell and a fish (with a ring its it`s mouth).

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