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(1860s, Sir G. G. Scott)

The tall terraced villas in this square were originally built to house some of Glasgow University`s professors but gradually they moved out and various university departments have taken over. The Principal`s Residence is at the southern end of the square.

Number 11 was occupied by Lord Kelvin and his clock is still there and keeping time. But this is not a small time-piece - the clock is on one floor and the pendulum goes down into the basement! Kelvin was a great inventor this is reputed to be one of the first houses in the world to be lit by electricity. A plaque beside the door notes that In this house lived William Thomson, Lord Kelvin. Physicist 1824-1907. He matriculated in the university at the age of 10, was its professor of natural philosophy from 1846-1899, and died as its chancellor. He is buried beside Isaac Newton in Westminster Abbey.

This article is based on the guidebook "The Glasgow Guide".

This is the western side of Professors` Square and these grand houses are now occupied by various university departments.

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