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Kelvin was born William Thomson and was the son of Glasgow University`s Professor of Mathematics. He entered the university at the age of ten and became the Professor of Natural Philosophy (i.e. Physics) at the age of twenty-two. His great talent was in combining theoretical and practical science and his achievements spanned many branches of the physical sciences. He proposed the Kelvin (Absolute) temperature scale, propounded the Second Law of Thermodynamics, was a consultant on the first submarine Atlantic telegraph cable and invented many types of electrical equipment. He patented over fifty inventions and published over six hundred scientific papers, making him one of the most important and prolific scientists of his day.

Lord Kelvin Statue (Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow)
Lord Kelvin`s sundial (Glasgow University)
Professors` Square (Glasgow University)

This statue stands in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow.

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