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1888-90, H. E. Clifford

The former Pollokshields Burgh Hall stands at the edge of Maxwell Park. Constructed in seventeenth-century Scottish Domestic style, this was opened in 1890 but served the independent burgh of Pollokshields only until 1891 when the rapidly expanding city swallowed up the area. The hall contained various council offices and a courtroom. There was also a masonic meeting place, hence the numerous masonic symbols in the carvings (especially at the back of the building) and in the stained-glass windows.

The hall is built of dark red sandstone from Ballochmyle in Ayrshire, which contrasts quite starkly with the white sandstone used to build many of the surrounding villas.

Above the main doorway is a shield depicting the burgh`s coat of arms and the date 1890. Above that, the entrance is guarded by two lions holding shields bearing the initials PBH and to the left of the doorway is the burgh`s motto: Aye ready. The tall Scots Baronial tower standing behind the entrance has a number of interesting details including a little stone balcony. To the left of the hall is the former park keeper`s lodge.

This article is based on the guidebook "The Glasgow Guide".

Pollokshields Burgh Hall was built in 1888-90 and stands at the edge of Maxwell Park.

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