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The following articles give a description of the park, notes on its history and a description of a number of its statues and monuments.

Glasgow Green and the city`s politics
Glasgow Fair Glasgow`s annual summer holiday.
People`s Palace The museum of Glasgow.
statues and monuments
James Martin Fountain In memory of a local councillor.
James Watt Commemorative Stone To mark a major technical development in the steam engine.
McLennan Arch
Nelson Monument A monument to Horatio Nelson
bridges over the River Clyde
St Andrew`s Suspension Bridge
other places
Fleshers` Haugh An historic open space.

Glasgow Green is the city`s oldest park and it is steeped in history. This makes a fitting site for the People`s Palace, the museum of Glasgow.

The Green is in the East End and lies on the northern bank of the River Clyde, making it one of the city`s favourite recreation areas for centuries. It has also played an important role in the culture and politics of the city.

The open spaces of Glasgow Green are near the historic centre of the city. The building on the far left is The High Court of Justiciary; to its right is the tall Merchants` Steeple; on the far right of the picture is the tall tower of St Andrew`s Parish Church.


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