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The young Mungo joined a group of boys who were being educated by St Serf but they grew jealous at all the special attention he was given. This feeling became malicious and on one occasion the boys decapitated a pet robin belonging to St Serf and Mungo was given the blame for this deed. However, Mungo performed a miracle on the bird and returned it to life.

On another occasion the boys decided to interfere with Mungo`s church duties and one evening, just before Mungo was to keep the church`s lights burning through the night, the boys put the flames out. Undaunted, Mungo took a bough from a hazel tree, made it burst into flames, and thus relit the fire.

This article is based on the guidebook "The Glasgow Guide".

This plaque is on the ornamental gate leading into the city`s Botanic Gardens.
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St Mungo and the Glasgow coat of arms

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