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The Hillhead district, which was originally developed from the 1820s onwards, has a remarkably well-preserved mixture of villas, terraces and tenements. When many of these were built, Hillhead was well outside Glasgow`s boundary but, with the establishment of Glasgow University here in the 1860s, it soon became an integral part of the city. Although it became an independent burgh in 1869, this status lasted only until 1891. Now, many of the buildings in this part of Hillhead have been taken over by the university and the names of the various departments are displayed on the doors.

Byres Road is the western boundary of Hillhead and this is the main shopping area of the city`s West End.

The River Kelvin marks the eastern boundary of the burgh of Hillhead. Once the university was established in Hillhead, transport links with the city became important and this picture shows Great Western Bridge which takes Great Western Road over the River Kelvin. In the centre of the picture are the Caledonian Mansions which were built by the Caledonian Railway Line above their new railway line.

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