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This delightful group of former houses has gradually been taken over by the university and are now all used by various departments. Many of them have fine wooden doors and still possess very impressive interiors.

On the northern side, all except numbers 1, 12 and 14 were designed by J. J. Burnet in 1882-4. Number 1 (1902, Robert Ewan) is a large corner house which has the date 1903 on it and a weather vane on the roof. Numbers 2 to 8 have an almost continuous balcony just above the ground floor windows. Between the doors of numbers 3 and 4 are four plaques representing the university`s `nations`. Number 7 has the date 1896 on it, together with two coats of arms; the one on the left has the motto Be mindfu and the one on the right has the motto Keep tryst. This is Hepburn House and the letters CH under the plaques stand for Dr Charles Hepburn (1890-1971) who lived here and who donated the house to the university. He also donated the main window in the Randolph Hall and was greatly involved in the published history of the local area, A Hillhead Album. Numbers 12 and 14 were later additions to the terrace and are notably different from the earlier houses. Number 12 (1900, J. Gaff Gillespie) has its doorway within a turret which rises up beyond the roofline of the other houses. Number 14 (1900, J. J. Burnet) is rather more ornate than the others, with delicate carved details in the stonework and some good cast-ironwork.

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This is 13 University Gardens which stands at the junction with University Avenue.

On the southern side, only numbers 11 and 13 remain. They have substantial porches but the real architectural treat is the complexity of the side which faces University Avenue. At the corner of number 13 is a plaque which states that At a dinner party held in this house in 1913 Frederick Soddy (1817-1956) introduced the concept of `Isotopes`. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1921 for his work on radioactivity.
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