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Alas, the industry is now only a shadow of its former self and the only yards of importance in the city are the Govan shipyard and Yarrows (which builds naval vessels in Whiteinch).

The two ships which can be seen in Glasgow and are important tourist attractions are the Waverley and the Glenlee.

There are many reminders of the city`s shipbuilding industry which can still be seen and among the most notable are the (now derelict) Govan Graving Docks and the Finnieston Crane.

The Transport Museum has a superb collection of model ships including many from the yards mentioned here. The museum`s Clyde Room also has on display a large map indicating the sites of all the shipyards.

This article is based on the guidebook "The Glasgow Guide".


This picture was taken from the Waverley, the world`s last sea-going paddleship, and one of Glasgow`s best-loved attractions.

The large building to the right of the crane was originally built in 1912-13 as the North British Diesel Engine Works for the ship engine manufacturers Barclay Curle.

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