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(1913-14, Alex. B. McDonald)

This single-arch sandstone bridge is in Kelvingrove Park and it carries Kelvin Way over the River Kelvin.

The bridge is best-known for its four pairs of large statues designed by Paul Raphael Montford; these were commissioned in 1914 but not erected until the 1920s. The four pairs are Peace and War; Navigation and Shipbuilding; Philosophy and Inspiration; Commerce and Industry. Each pair of figures sits aside a carved pillar topped by dolphin heads and a lampstandard.

This bold group of eight statues is one of the finest set of sculptures in the city. Peace sits by a spinning wheel and has a child by her side. War is a fierce-looking character and was perhaps carved in this manner to `celebrate` the outcome of the recently ended First World War. Navigation, with tiller in hand, stares out to the horizon. Shipbuilding holds a wooden hull in one hand and a mallet in the other. Philosophy poses thoughtfully while looking at a human skull. Inspiration holds a lute. Commerce is carefully looking after a bag of money. Industry holds a heavy sledge-hammer.

Unfortunately the bridge was hit by a bomb during the Second World War and the statue most damaged was the one representing War ! The statue was repaired by Benno Schotz.

This article is based on the guidebook "The Glasgow Guide".

On the left is the statue representing Navigation. Her right hand is on a boat`s tiller and she stares out to the horizon.

On the right is Shipbuilding. She holds a wooden hull in her left hand and a mallet in the right.

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