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The Martyrs` Tomb is in the Cathcart Old Parish Church Graveyard and is the resting place of three Covenanters who were hunted down by the government troops for their religious beliefs.

The horizontal stone on top of the tomb carries a long inscription (in old lettering and spelling) which tells of the death of three Covenanters: This is the stone tomb of Robert Thome, Thomas Cooke and John Urie martyrs for ounng the covenanted work of reformation the 11 of May 1685. The bloody murderers of these men were Magor Balfour and Captain Metland. With them others were not free caused them to search in Polmadie as soon as they had them out found they murthered them with shots of guns. Scarce time did they to them allow befor ther maker ther knies to bow many like in this land have been whos blood for wingance crys to heavn this cruell wickedness you see was don in lon of Polmadie. This may a standing witness be `twixt prisbytrie and prelacie.

This shows the tomb`s slab with its detailed inscription relating the fate of the three Covenanters.

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