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The construction of the building was financed by the proceeds of the 1888 International Exhibition and it allowed the city`s collections to be brought together in one place. Its style has been called Hispanic Baroque but there is a mixture of influences and its design got a poor reception from the Scottish architectural profession; the fact that the winners of the prestigious architectural competition were English didn`t help. Early reactions to the building included `far too much a casino … sadly wanting in sobriety`.

It`s an oft-repeated story (and for the sake of completeness, it is re-told here) that the museum was built back to front in error and that the architect committed suicide when he realised what had happened - the tale is always strenuously denied of course, but it`s part of Glasgow folklore. What is true, however, is that when the building was the centrepiece of the 1901 International Exhibition, the other (temporary) buildings were erected facing the museum`s rear entrance so this side assumed the role of the main entrance.

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This statue of St Mungo is the main work of art at the rear of the building.

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