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(1864-70, Sir George Gilbert Scott)

The university`s main building is one of Glasgow`s most impressive buildings and it can be seen - and easily recognised - from all around the city, making it one of the most important local landmarks.

The Main Building is built in Gothic style and was erected in stages as finances permitted. It is constructed of local white sandstone and its roof has a wide variety of towers, turrets and other embellishments which lend an air of Scots Baronial to the overall design. The overall design is of a figure of eight, with the buildings arranged around two large quadrangles separated by the Bute Hall. The quadrangles are most conveniently entered via the Visitor Centre or by entering the main door beneath the University Tower. The windows must be a window cleaner`s nightmare as they are comprised of small panes of glass set in large metal frames!

There is a flagpole at the front of the building and the grassy area beside it has some great views over a large part of the city.

This article is based on the guidebook "The Glasgow Guide".

The Main Buildings were built on top of the prominent Gilmorehill, allowing the tower to dominate much of the West End. The whole structure was built to impress and in many ways these nineteenth-century buildings reflected the industrial might of the city and its important role in world trade.

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