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The Main Glasshouse is the Botanic Gardens largest glasshouse and it contains a wide variety of plants which are grouped together by environment and their use.

The glasshouse`s first door leads into the Conservatory which has seasonal displays of plants. Close to this is the much-acclaimed Orchid Collection. Many of these interesting plants live on decaying vegetation and some have aerial roots to absorb atmospheric moisture.

The next glasshouse is for Temperate Plants and includes some fascinating carnivorous plants. Next is the Succulent House, featuring plants from hot, dry regions. These range from the small and aptly named Stone Plants to some large cacti which almost reach roof level. This leads to the large and densely packed Palm House. And yes, it is possible to grow bananas in Glasgow! Farther on is the Tropical Economic House which has examples of plants used for food, dyes, medicine, timber and clothes.

This article is based on the guidebook "The Glasgow Guide".

The main glasshouse features collections of plants from many parts of the world.

The next area is for the non-flowering Tropical Ferns, many of them ground-hugging plants from hot, moist regions. The last glasshouse in this row contains the large and widely-recognized National Collection of Begonias which contains examples from many different countries. Clost to this is the Tropical Flowering House, containing many plants which are popular with local gardeners. Beyond that is the last glasshouse, the Tropical Pond House which contains floating plants including very large water lilies.
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