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Inside the entrance, the first open area has a pond below a glass dome and to the left is the warm and humid Tropicarium.

The statues here are King Robert of Sicily by G. H. Paulin and Cain (Roscoe Mullins). A broad passageway leads past plants from Southern Africa to Eve (Scipio Todalini) and the main dome. All the plants are labelled and their country of origin is given. The eye is soon drawn to the mass of ferns and tall palms which gives the whole space a jungle-like appearance.

Heading clockwise round the dome, the plants are from the Canaries, North America and the Mediterranean. The Sisters of Bethany (Warrington Wood) is then found on the right. The plants at this point are from South America and Temperate Asia. Stepping Stones (W. Thornycroft) and The Elf (Sir Goscombe John) are then both met on the left. Both sides of the path now feature plants from New Zealand. The Nubian Slave (A. Rossetti) and Ruth (Giovanne Ciniselli) are then on the right. Finally, all the plants from here to Eve are from Australia.

This article is based on the guidebook "The Glasgow Guide".

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The Kibble Palace has displays of plants from around the world as well as an interesting collection of statues.

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