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Glasgow Green is the city`s oldest park and its history can be traced back to at least 1450 when it was granted by James II to Bishop William Turnbull. It was used as grazing land and the Town Herd was employed to look after the burgh`s animals which were kept here. This use (which carried on into the 1890s) encouraged the setting up of slaughterhouses nearby.

During the Industrial Revolution and beyond, the Green was the most important open area in the rapidly developing East End and the growing population made good use of the park`s open spaces. Sports were popular, with swimming in the Clyde (until it became too polluted), golf (from the sixteenth century), athletics and football. Since it was beside the river, the area was also well-used for washing and bleaching linen and there was a local wash-house and drying green.

This article is based on the guidebook "The Glasgow Guide".

Bonfire Night - every 5th November - and the Green is the site of Glasgow`s biggest and most spectacular bonfire and fireworks display.

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